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My week off from school is almost over... : ( but it will be nice to go back... i miss the kids even though i keep seeing them EVERYWHERE!!!

I went for a run about a week ago - i was really doing well at running - went for an entire week... then got busy, and it's been a week...

but one of the kids asked, "Miss. T, did you go to a military college?
Me: "No, why?"
Kid: I saw you driving your car and there was a military college sticker on it...
Me: My brother goes to West Point.
Kid: Oh. I also saw you running by Stotz's the other day (school bus company near my house).
Me: I was running there...

Then there are the countless children I see at CVS... Who promptly say the next morning, Ms. T, I saw you at cvs yesterday! me: I know, i said hello to you : )

And the kids I see at the grocery store... so happy that i don't drink... cause that would be odd, going to stop and shop, or the A&P to buy beer... and see one of my students standing there.

Moving on... this weekend is easter, so i will be at WP for the day... it should be a nice break...

and next weekend, i am going to a Beach Boys concert there... I grew up listening to them, so it will be cool to actually see them... other than on full house... : )

More later, off to have potato pancakes!!! mmmmm!!!!

I'm alive!!!!

It's been a few months... but I am alive and well.

I officially, finished my graduate thesis a few weeks ago, and had it approved... A- for 6 credit hours... bringing my GPA for grad school to a 3.46! YAY!

I am still working at a substitute teacher, full time, and as a pharmacy tech for CVS, part time...

Hanging out with Andrew more... : )

And finally getting some calls for interviews for a permanent social studies 7-12 job! I want to teach in my own classroom SO badly.

To everyone here in LJ land, I am sorry to have not posted more. I miss you all, and will try to update more often!


PS... damn there are a lot of changes to LJ!
here i am at school, on a friday, in jeans and a sweater. i love dress down fridays!!

i don't have to work tonight, yay!

tomorrow, i will be looking into the airforce reserves with a recruiter, and then off to see andypoms. should be an intersting and then fun day.

i have been doing lots of online research, and came to the conclusion that the navy reserves might be a better choice - more options - we shall see though... cause there could be more at the AF, that i don't know about.

now i am rambling.

for tomorrow:


Nov. 14th, 2005


not that i have much time for it - but i have begun to dislike checking my email at night after staring at screens at cvs... so this works better...

working here at school is going well. still looking for another job... secondary education, social studies... but until then, the 3rd-5th graders are kind of cool.

cvs is crazy... i think i am working one day this week... oh well, so much for money - - but sanity will be ok this week. i am going to double check after i get out of work here though, just in case... cause i don't want to miss... and i had to call to check my hours yesterday...


I have completed my defense, and received many congrats from the next and only group that has still surpassed me, the PhDs.

I am now a Master of Arts in History. : )

(I passed!! I am done with my thesis!!)
tomrrow, november 11, 2005, is a day that will live in infamy.

I will be defending my thesis.


and then hopefully it will ALL be done : )

Oct. 14th, 2005

well, it's been a week. i am still living, still breathing. still waking every morning and going to my two jobs.

i am still looking for a sec ed social studies position... and keeping my fingers crossed. until then, i am learning a lot as a full time sub, part time aid, part time entry data, part time organizational person, etc.

and still getting frustrated at cvs. people are just plain dumb, and then get all kinds of nasty with me, but nice with everyone else - case in point - lady with vaginal itching... yells at me, is sweet as anything to pharmacist, tells her that it is the itching that is turning her life into a mess, and that she is having issues controling her temper - - does not appologize to me, after treating me like dirt, and glares at me. i don't think her problem is vaginal itching, i think it is bitchy schitzophrenia.


i think it's time to get off this damn thing... now that i have vented.

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